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The Pandemic_ 2020 is a strange year


The virus that originated from the illegal seafood market in Wuhan spread like wildfire across the whole globe.

It was merely a news bulletin that flashed across the screen, announcing deaths of some Chinese with a taste for bats. But the virus proved itself to be a fatal illness in disguise. Considering ignorance as a head start, it took hold of one country after another. Gradually taking the form of a pandemic that placed the whole human species at risk.

the virus 2020

It started somewhere at the end of 2019 but gradually enveloped the whole world in its deadly embrace. What makes it more fearsome is that the human body stays completely oblivious of the virus’s presence until two weeks. When slight symptoms start to indicate its presence. This hide-and-attack strategy is one of the reasons why the virus is spreading so uncontrollably.

Usually, people infected by the it end up infecting ten others until they realize the fact that they have been infiltrated by the virus. Due to this, especially in Pakistan, the cases are rising to an outrageous level because people refuse to quarantine themselves. Until the have a written proof in their hands that they are infected.

stay home saty safe

Without it they refuse to acknowledge the possibility of being infected. And wander around in shops and streets just because a strict lock down hasn’t been imposed.

Religious fanatics would call it a sign from God. Scientists would call it a new chapter in the history of viruses. Tribesmen living in remote areas would call it a curse caused by their ancestors’ displeasure. Whatever it may be called, the deadliness of the virus prevails. It gradually takes hold of a person’s body while focusing on the lungs. Tightening its grip to the point where a person struggles to breathe. When the easiest task becomes a challenge, a man’s life is shortened by every second.

Who would have ever contemplated the death of millions in the twenty-first century due to a disease? A virus that ripped apart families, attacking and taking away someone’s mother, father, sister as if they were pawns in someone’s game and were not required anymore. Not to mention, locking away a billion others in the walls of their house just for the sake of sparing them the same fate. This has also given rise to countless psychological disorders. It seems man is called a social animal for an important reason.

the pandamic 2020

A big dilemma of our society that a significant part of the population is still in the dark.

The don’t undermine the lethalness of this virus just because its size doesn’t match with the claims people make about. Due to their irresponsible behavior, they not only themselves get infected but also but also transmit the virus to many others. It is because with the lack of faith comes violation of all precautionary measures.

This virus still remains. It has turned life into a stagnant pond and has left, almost the whole world, anticipating the creation of a vaccine. However, if we wish to witness the creation of a vaccine, we need to survive for that glorious moment first by staying at home and wearing masks.


Written by: Zeela Shoaib



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