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The PTDC ’s: How Unfortunate Misfortune

PTDC, short for Pakistan Tourism Development Corporation, is an organization run by the government of Pakistan.

When a person decides to venture out of his comfort zone and step into an abyss of wilderness and nature, the least he expects is a roof on his head and a cup of tea in his hand. This is because humans are well aware of the fact that where even a hint of civilization exists, pit-stops and hotels exist as well.

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This organization has set up hotels and motels in all the provinces of Pakistan, offering a comfy resting area in places like Naran, Rama, Khaplu, Skardu, Thatta, Larkana etc. PTDC’s unique quality is that all their motels are situated in the best areas of their location, away from the chaotic traffic. Motels also bear a garden or a grassy patch on their private grounds which suits the travelers quit well.

Recently, the government has made a tragic announcement which served as a big blow to the organization and its customers. The government announced the closure of all the PTDC motels due to insufficient finances. And not enough generation of revenue, mainly because of corona virus. Another statement that followed this was that up to 400 employees were to be fired who were working in motels. A major reason offered for this was that the organization was going to a downfall. Because much of the money was going away as the salary of the workers.


This statement created a lot of unrest and is generally perceived as highly unfair for the employees. Because much of the staff that worked there and offered immediate attention to the tourists embodied locals. This means that the motels were a major source of income for many families. Who resided in underdeveloped towns and cities. A few of the workers had been working there for years. And they definitely did not expect an end to their journey like this.

Generally, this decision is also a drawback for Pakistan’s Tourism industry. Pakistan has been blessed by many scenic mountain ranges and cultural and historical sites. That depict our rich background and history. These attractions not only serve to attract the local tourists but also catch the eyes of foreign tourists. Who feel drawn towards these places that offer a little of what is left of our forgotten history.

Therefore, if Pakistan pays enough attention and money to its tourism industry then this can become a significant


source of revenue generation and with foreigners showing interest in Pakistan these days, the opportunity couldn’t be more favorable. However, closing down PTDC has is a set back that will greatly affect this industry. This is because over the years, people had developed their trust in the services of PTDC and looked forward to its hospitality.

With the current decision, the bond between PTDC and the tourists has been severed which is very tragic. It has left the tourists disconsolate as they will now have to consider other options suited for their trips and ventures. However, they dearly pray and hope that with the improvement of the situation. This decision is reconsidered in the favor of the tourists.


Written By: Zeela Shoaib



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