women empowerment

What Women Empowerment means to me!…


“At the end of the day, don’t forget that you are a person, don’t forget that you are a mother; a wife and a daughter.” – Indra Nooyi

women empowerment

During this brief period of existence, we play different roles; of a mother, daughter, sister, friend. Each role possesses immense importance in its own way. However, the fundamental unit that is common in each role is gender. The most central aspect of my identity is being a female in a country where males dominate. If I was born in an era of ignorance; the dark times, it would have been painstakingly difficult for me to succeed and prosper as a female. But in the present century, my identity motivates me to strive and break all the invisible chains that bind the females of my country.

Playing the role of a woman in a country like Pakistan means you have two choices. Either you can accept your dependency on other males while completely locking away your mind in a cell.

Or you can accept your identity and break all the barriers that cage you. Hence, I feel empowered when I know that my success may become a source of motivation for those around me. It is because when one female manages to untie the ropes, other females feel encouraged to do the same. We are all connected by an intangible string that pulls us closer as we realize we are not alone in this suffering. For example, if a woman is seen balancing her career and household chores equally, other women feel inclined to do the same.

women empowerment

In Pakistan, being seen a women who is stepping up may seem as an act of offence to stereotypical minds, but it is a step towards being a free individual. Being a girl capable of make her own decisions in a male dominant country makes me feel empowered. This thought combined with the acceptance of males breeds the idea of a healthy society. Hence, I feel as if I am a part of a vicious cycle that will lead to females playing a key role in the future.

When a woman learns to embrace her identity, she becomes a source of inspiration. And change for her sister, then her daughter, gradually molding the new generation to become something greater.

Being a female writer in Pakistan, encourages me to raise my voice for oppressed females.  As different people are provided with different standards of education. Not every person possesses the ability to express their opinions and thoughts through words. As I am capable of doing so by being a writer, I feel obliged to write about their problems as we mutually undergo them, although sometimes in a different manner. As a creative writer, I feel like conjuring up stories and realistic scenarios that symbolize the issues and difficulties suffered by females.

women empowerment

When other women read them, they will find it relatable. This will create a sense of unity and compassion in other females. Additionally, as reading is a great source of learning, by reading other female writers. Specifically Pakistani writers, I learn more about incidents and atrocities going on in my country. In this I’m not only becoming aware of my surroundings. But also realize the importance of creating awareness for other women around me. I grow as a human being by learning to accept that being a woman does not impose any limitations on me.

By accepting ourselves and learning to be bold and daring, we do not only break our boundaries but also get to explore our limitations. When we navigate our role properly, we emerge as strong females as well as optimistic individuals. In such a way, my identity makes me who I am and I feel honored to be a part of the female community.


Written By: Zeela Shoaib

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